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Secondary Curriculum (Grades 6 to 10)

Secondary Education is the bedrock of any sustainable society

In the Secondary Wing, students are provided with opportunities to groom themselves in a comprehensive manner with various activities through different integrated school programs. Ample Scholastic and Co-scholastic activities are combined to bring out their hidden talents.

  • For a well rounded personality of the learner, SKI sows the seed of good plan even before the academic year starts with an annual ‘Plan of work’ circumscribing all learning experiences to be given to the students aligning to specific objectives for delivery and assessment. This helps hassle-free flow all over the year and helps teachers run the race with time not neglecting any aspect of academic instruction.
  • The specific objectives designed always are in alignment with the long objective of making students future leaders and fosters the development of 21° Century skills. 
  • Efficient methods of instruction like ABL (activity-based Learning), PBL (project-based learning), Inquiry in learning, giving community connections, listing cross-curricular connections, listing enduring understanding statements help students to just not know and do but create a value for the concept to be imbibed in life later. 
  • The methodologies and the courses designed for the lessons make learners think creatively, critically and develop their problem-solving abilities. The integrated syllabi design lays more stress for these and helps children develop these skills and prepare forth competitive exams of the same kind.
  • The exposure to competitive examinations like Olympiads, KVPY help students to realise long goal of getting into ITs or famous medical colleges.
  • To keep teachers updated with the latest trends in school academics and to empower them by giving room for adequate professional growth, regular in-house training and quality circle meetings are conduction for sharing and learning
  • Students are given special coaching both in Academics and in sports to excel themselves
  • To encourage good reading habits students are motivated to borrow books from the library and they write a book review to express their views about the book.
  • Service Oriented Activities are organised by the various Clubs.
  • To gain knowledge from the outside world students are taken on Educational trips. Workshops are conducted for the students to improve their learning ability.